About the PTA



How do I join the Sutton PTA?

Joining the Sutton PTA is simple, make a donation to our ANNUAL FUND! Yes, that's it! Donating to Annual Fund = Joining the PTA


Why join the Sutton PTA?

The Sutton PTA  provides many valued services for you and your students such as intramural sports, clubs field trip assistance, teacher/staff appreciation, teacher grants school wish list items. With your PTA membership, you will be able to vote at PTA general membership meetings.


I already pay school property taxes. Why should I donate to the Annual Fund?

Annual Fund donations are essential to deliver the high-quality programs and activities at Sutton that would not otherwise be possible. Financial contributions by Sutton parents fill the educational gap caused by inadequate APS funding. 


Is 100% participation by parents important?

Yes. One hundred percent participation in the Annual Fund shows our commitment to the school, its teachers and staff, and our students. While donations differ in size, each donation has the same impact on participation.


How do I know how much to give?

There is no set rule as to exactly how much to give. We only ask that each family give the best donation they can to the Annual Fund. 


I can’t give very much. Should I still make a donation?

Yes. All financial donations to the PTA’s Annual Fund make a difference. We know that every family’s financial situation is unique.


Who can donate to the Annual Fund?

Anyone can donate to the Annual Fund…parents, grandparents, other family members, neighbors, friends. Every donation counts, and every donation is appreciated.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Sutton PTA is classified as a public charity and has 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Our tax ID number is 58-1550889. Your donation is fully tax-deductible as provided by law. 


Does my donation qualify for Corporate Matching?

Many corporations have matching programs for their employees, retirees, and board members that will double and in some cases triple the portion of your donation. This extra support is very much appreciated. Contact your employer to determine if they will match your donation and to find out the guidelines for obtaining matching funds.


Do I have to attend meetings or volunteer?

No.  While it is fantastic to be involved in person, we understand it is not practical for some families.  If you are interested, please see the Sutton PTA Volunteer Opportunities for information on volunteering.