Procedures for Sutton Middle School PTA Check Requests, Deposits, and Taxes


  • Know your budget before you spend any funds.
  • If you do not know your budget, before spending any PTA funds, please check with either the PTA Presidents, your committee's VP or the PTA Treasurers.
  • Reimbursement requests should be submitted no later than 30 days past the date on your receipt.
  • The PTA fiscal year is from July 1st through June 30th. All reimbursements for the fiscal year are due no later than June 15. We cannot carry over expenses.
  • Check Request Forms and Cash Verification Forms can be found below.

Check Requests:


  • Timing - Please submit all check requests for reimbursement within 3 weeks of incurring the expense. Please expect a 7-10 day turnaround for checks due to review and time needed to obtain 2 required signatures. 
  • Budget - If you are spending less than $500 and you are within your budget, you can incur the expense and then submit your check request.  If you are spending more than $500 or are not within your budget, please submit check request for approval to and cc prior to incurring the expense
  • Form - For all check requests, please complete the Sutton PTA Check Request Form (link below to xls and pdf versions) and indicate the budget line item for your check request. Include details about the expense. 
    • Please ensure you include the mailing address for the check. 
    • NOTE: For checks to vendors, we will mail the checks directly to the vendor. Please make sure the vendor address is on the invoice or the Check Request Form.
    • For reimbursements for expenses previously paid, please include proof of payment/receipt.
    • For checks to vendors, please include the invoice/purchase order.
  • Send - Please scan and email check request forms and supporting documentation to PLEASE DO NOT place your Check Request Form in the safe as this will delay processing of your reimbursement. 

Forms to download:

Sutton PTA Check Request Form (xls)

Sutton PTA Check Request Form (pdf) 

Cash or Lost Receipt Verification

Deposit Verification Form



Please note: For Clubs, Sports, Band, Orchestra, Dance, etc., PTA only receives funds for dues.  PTA does not receive funds for parties, travel, fundraisers, or other purchases.  PTA is not responsible for funds outside of dues established by the applicable PTA Team (Sports, Clubs, Fine Arts, etc.)

  • If you are collecting checks, please make sure the purpose of the check is noted on the check (e.g. soccer, band dues, etc.)
  • Please use the Cash /Check Verification Form and do not staple checks to the form.
  • If you are collecting money for different activities, either prepare separate deposits, or break out the information by activity on a separate sheet.
  • Please note you need two people present when money is being received to count, total, and sign the Cash Verification Form.
  • Where to place deposits:
    • Put cash and checks in an envelope along with the Cash Verification Form and place in the drop safe located in the PTA office at either Sutton campus.
  • Note on the Cash Log attached to the safe the date, amount, description of deposit to help the Treasurer track all safe deposit activity.
  • Please do not place unidentified funds or funds that have not been verified in the safe.  Please do not hold onto cash for any length of time to reduce risk of loss or theft.


  • The Georgia Sales and Use Tax Exemptions OCGA 48-8-3 (#56) states: If a local unit purchases items for its own use — it is taxable. Examples include paper, binders, cash boxes, office supplies. If it buys something for resale, it is tax exempt. Examples of this include supplies for the school store, refreshments that are sold, spiritwear.
  • The Sutton PTA is classified as a public charity and has 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Our tax ID number is 58-1550889. 


Please email with any questions.