Chastain Parking

Sutton PTA’s only volunteer fundraiser! Did you know we raise almost half of our annual PTA budget from Chastain Parking revenue?  We have raised between $75,000-$145,000 in the past, depending upon the number of concerts that year!! It's super fun and an easy way to raise money for Sutton PTA!





Here's some info:

  • You are not the ones parking cars. You will either be flagging cars to the lot or collecting money.
  • It's about a 3-4 hour volunteer commitment - beginning 2 hours before the start of the concert (which is the time listed on the sign up) and we wrap up as soon as the lot is full or shortly after the concert starts, whichever comes FIRST.
  • We have 2 police officers there to keep us safe and direct the cars to the parking spots. They basically run the show along with the Volunteer Captain for the evening.
  • Your kids can come help, and they love waving the flags to direct cars to the lot. Seriously, the kids are giggling and jumping around while volunteering. Bring your spouse and family for a fun night out. 
  • If you have high school students, they can volunteer and earn High School Service Hours! (Please indicate in the Sign Up comments if you are bringing high school students) Please note that kids under 18 must have an adult volunteering with them.
  • No experience necessary! Watch our How To Videos linked above. Volunteers also receive instructions via email prior to the event.

Here are some ideas to make it even more fun:

  • Get a group of 3-4 of your friends, and pick a night or two! What a fun night to socialize with your friends and help Sutton. Feel free to continue your fun at your place of choice after car parking ends.
  • If your student is in a Club or Sport, have them pick some teammates and parents to join for the night - comradery makes everything more fun.
  • If your child has some new friends, why not reach out to their parents to join you as a family.  It's a great way to meet the families and get to know each other.